Photos 10.2014

Annual Concert, The Great Hall, University of Sydney, October 11, 2014

These photos were kindly donated by the photographer Dr. Nasseem Malouf Photography

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo

_-16-X3 _-27-X3 _-38-X3
_-30-Edit-X3 _-42-Edit-X3
_-69-X3 _-70-X3 _-71-X3
_-72-X3 _-84-X3 _-100-X3
_-132-X3 _-134-X3 _-170-X3
_-183-X3 _-176-X3 DSC_0079A

_-129-X2 _-165-X2 _-164-Edit-X2
_-98-X2 _-181-X2

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