The Andalus Arabic Choir presents:

Aman, a concert of exhilarating Arabic music by the Andalus Arabic Choir takes you on a magical journey from the Middle East to Andalusia.
Conducted by Soprano, Ghada Daher-Elmowy and featuring the finest musicians, Aman’s captivating rhythms and exotic airs transport you to a dream of an oriental midsummer night.

“Andalus Arabic Choir, Sydney’s best-kept music secret” (Stuart Campbell, author 15/12/2017)

Venue: Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Verbrugghen Hall
Date: Sunday, 18 November 2018
Time: 5:30-8:15pm (2 sets with a break)
Tickets: $120, $80, $50
Now at the door

Conductor & Artistic Director Ghada Daher-Elmowy
Piano: Dr Noel Elmowy, Musical Director
Oud: Adnan Baraky
Qanoon: Mohamed Lelo
Violin: Michel Kharrat
Wind: Stuart Vandegraaff
Double Bass: Elsen Price
Percussion: Adem Yilmaz
Percussion James Tawadros
Percussion: Nasser Selimi
Percussion: Philip Elmowy

Special guest singer Christopher Moussa, winner of 2018 singing contest “Najm Anoujoum”

Ladies: Carine Khoury, Danielle Dona, Fay Andari, Giselle Azizi, Lina Mehdi, Mary Hanoun-Khilla, Mireille Azizi, Nadine Helmi, Paola Vertechi, Samira Ghebar, Safaa Gadalla, Yvette Wassaf, Zorana Milesovich
Gentlemen: Dhiya Mehdi, Prof Fethi Rabhi, Ghassan Zakkour, Grant Kynaston, Paul Marsh, Saad Barazi,

We are a unique multicultural group sharing the love of Arabic music. We aim to promote Arabic and Andalusian music. Our objectives are to reflect our rich music and culture, and interact with our audience in the same way music interacts with our soul. Our annual concert is a testimony of our commitment to present the traditional music in the best style and marvelous setting possible.

2018 Term Dates

Term 3, 2018: July 31 to September 25
Term 4, 2018: October 16 to December 11