The Andalus Arabic Choir’s annual concert 2019 was a tribute to Ziad Rahbani.

Our 2020 annual concert will be held at Sydney Opera House

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We thank all our fans for their support continuous support and appreciation to our annual concert

2020 Term Dates

Term 1, 2020: February 4 to April 7

Term 2, 2020: April 28 to June 30

 Term 3, 2020: July 28 to September 22

 Term 4, 2020: October 13 to December 15

We are a unique multicultural group sharing the love of Arabic music. We are a non-for-profit organisation. Our aim is to promote Arabic and Andalusian music. Our objectives are to reflect our rich music and culture, and interact with our audience in the same way music interacts with our soul. Our concerts are a true testimony of our commitment to present the traditional music in the best style and marvelous setting possible.