Rehearsals every Tuesday
Term 1, 2017: February 7 to April 4
Term 2, 2017: May 2 to June 27
Term 3, 2017: July 25 to September 19
Term 4, 2017: October 10 to December 10
Time: 7.00-9.00pm
Venue: The University of Sydney
Fees for the term: $130. Students & seniors: $100


Interested in joining our choir?

If you like to sing with the Andalus Arabic Choir and enjoy Arabic music and songs, why don’t you join us this term?

هل ترغب بالانضمام الى فرقتنا

فرقة الاندلس العربية تواقة الى وجوه عربية تهوى الغناء والموسيقى العربية

Fill this form for audition and joining our choir.

الرجاء من الراغبين الاشتراك بفرقتنا املاء قسيمة الاشتراك والاختبار